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Our Process

With more than 20 years of professional contracting experience, the team at Regal Restoration is motivated by the desire to make the property owner and/or the management association as comfortable as possible with our systematic construction/rehabilitation process. Our expertise will reinforce the top priority: making the client feel at ease and informed during the entire construction process.

"At Regal Restoration, We Bring Your Ideas To Life"

For your convenience, below is a step-by-step guide to our process in the event of a natural disaster:

  • A property owner contacts his/her insurance company to inform them of an unfortunate occurrence.
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  • The property owner then contacts Regal Restoration for a free professional assessment and consultation.
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  • Regal Restoration immediately performs all emergency work, such as roof tarping, windows and door board-ups, water removal, and smoke damage.
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  • Regal Restoration works with the insurance company to ensure the client is getting what he/she is legally entitled to in monetary reparations.
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  • Once the client, insurance company and Regal Restoration reach common ground, the process of constructing, rebuilding or restoring the property begins.
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  • Regal Restoration works to attain permits, architectural drawings and storage pods if necessary.
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  • The timeline of events is fully transparent to the property owner so that everyone knows exactly what to expect throughout the process.
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  • Property owners are given a detailed list of what they are responsible for, such as choosing paint colors, flooring sizes and colors, fixtures, etc.